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Digital Photography, Enhancement & Restoration

  I have recently added the equipment and software to convert VHS and 8mm Video tapes to DVD. It is a time consuming process as a 3 hour tape takes 3 hours to copy and another 30 minutes to digitize and convert to DVD.

For that reason the cost will be $18.00 per hour of tape copied. I will apply a discount to very large jobs on a case by case quote.

The quality of the DVD will only be as good as the quality of the VHS tape.

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With modern digital methods, it is now possible to
scan, digitalize, enhance, manipulate and enlarge
your photographs as well as repair old photos
without damaging the original and then
preserve them on a CD..

LazloGraphics uses the latest Adobe Photoshop
software to restore your valued family photo.
Each digital restoration is done individually, by
hand. I adjust contrast, sharpness, and color levels.
In addition we remove scratches and replace
missing or damaged areas. 

You may contact me at
I can generally scan, enhance and enlarge a group
of photos in 24 hours on a rush order. If you live in
the Lorain County area arrangements can be made to
have the photo's or tapes picked up.

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