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This Classic Car story doesn't have a happy ending........

Imagine that you are from New Zealand, and you have spent the better part of your adult life looking for the perfect  Shelby GT500 KR. You want a low mileage, original Black, Four Speed, Air Conditioned car.

You get a call from your broker in the states. He tells you he has found a spotless, three owner, original KR with 53,339 miles. History is that the owner of a local Ford Dealership bought the car from the original owner. The car remained the property of the Ford Dealership until the owners death, at which time it became the property of his estate. This is when the third owner acquired the Shelby. It is all original with the exception of one repaint, the correct color, 15 to 20 years ago, with reams of authenticating documentation.

You have found your car... The broker forwards some photographs:


 You look at the pictures. You give it a lot of thought & review. You make the deal and you are thrilled. You buy the Shelby and arrange shipping. Can't wait to get it home. The trucking company picks up your prize and carefully loads it on the top shelf, up front, in a 13' tall enclosed car hauler.

Loaded, the Shelby starts it's long ride home. THEN , in New Jersey, at speed, the driver learns
that a 13' trailer will not fit in a 12' underpass

Received word on 121908 that the car was totaled.

I have received a ton of email about whether or not the car is totaled. I took the top pictures
before the car was sold to a broker who in turn sold it to a customer. This happened enroute
to the customer. My friend shared the pictures of the damage with me & I've posted them.
He was advised the car was totaled. Neither he, nor I, have had anything to do with the car
since he sold it.

Speculate all you want... I've just reported whats been reported to me!


and the car!


Note the damage in the center of the trunk.
Looks like the entire body has been tweaked,,